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We live in a world of Business Intelligence, aka BI, yet there are some industries that seem to struggle with adoption.

The fastest growing affiliate marketing podcast

Affiliate BI is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing podcasts around.

How much proof of this do we need?

When I search on LinkedIn for people in iGaming and/or affiliate marketing, I fail to see a lot of these keywords for people that work for some large affiliates groups, aka publishers, as well as affiliate programs and affiliate networks. Those keywords that I can’t seem to find are; business intelligence, BI, data science, data analytics, data analyst. I could list a bunch more but you can also find some affiliate software companies and look through their LinkedIn profile to see their employees.

These jobs are severely lacking. Either this is our reality in affiliate marketing, or, these companies are very discreet about their BI departments and don’t want their competition to know what they are up to.

Although that is possible, it is unlikely.

The intersection of affiliate marketing with Business Intelligence

At conferences, there are a lot of deep conversations about BI but these discussions rarely end up in blogs, videos and still don’t seem to make it on many panels.

Join this journey and join the mission to help make affiliate marketing a little more advanced with all aspects of Business Intelligence.

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